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Offering one of the most advanced LASER treatments in the world, Dr. Ginter uses a minimally invasive approach for optimizing results.  Being the first Oculoplastic Surgeon to offer the Alpha LASER, and applying her unique technique, her results speak for themselves.

What We


LASER for Eyes

Using her unique LASER technique for blepharoplasty of the upper and/or lower eyelids, improving cosmetic and/or functional outcome.


LASER for Hands

Blemishes of the hands can be improved by LASER with enduring results.


BoTox(TM) and Other Injections

The expertise of double-fellowship training, as well as research and publications in the areas of facial injections using BoTox (TM) or filler, all aid in offering a safer, efficacious approach toward an optimal look.


LASER for Face

Blemishes of the face can be treated by minimally invasive LASER with longer-lasting results.


Other minimally invasive care

Ranging from biopsy to removal of lesions, sometimes utilizing a LASER, Dr. Ginter offers optimal options for various problems.


Filler Injections

Combining safety towards maximizing results in her approach, Dr. Ginter utilizes a cautious and tailored approach to optimizing cosmetic results.

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